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Loss Prevention Consulting

We have a wide range of skill that may help reduce losses to a project that is currently not lucrative, perhaps losing money. JDE & Associates can often review bid documents and find areas that may result in successful change orders for certain projects. We review the construction schedule and may find that your firm is being impacted by bad management from the general contractors that is costing your firm money, these costs may be recoverable. Generally when asked we will review a project to see if we can improve on previous, current or upcoming problems. We start by evaluation of bid documents that your firm had to bid. Analysis the estimate to see where it may be flawed, if it is, we try to identify the problem to see if any improvement has potential. Our next step will be to review your contract with the General Contractor / Owner of the project in question. A review of the project management procedures for the firm will be completed looking at the problem project to see if these practices were followed. Are the procedures correct? We may suggest alternate procedures. A jobsite visit will be completed to see how your crews are working. Do they have the information, tools and material to do their job? Are these items being supplied in a timely manner? Are your crews working on a schedule or jumping from area to area leaving loose ends to deal with later? Is the general contractor or other contractors impeding your work? Is clean up an issue? Is it your clean up or other contractors? We will take all the information from the review above and determine how to stop the ongoing loss. Our opinion may be that a variety of issues maybe causing the situation, a bad estimate, faulty management, a bad contract (we are not lawyers, so this is from a layman's view), perhaps the project is being run poorly from the field. It generally is a combination of items that causes these issues. It is then decided with the contractor, if we can help recover money lost due to other contractors or owners issues.

When it is determined that a project can be recovered we will assist the contractor in question with any management, field productivity techniques, training or any other help that we are able to provide. We are not claim specialist and do not even work on claims, other then to leave enough documentation to help build a case against a project, if warranted. We can submit a plan to complete a project with a minimum loss and maximum profit realized.

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