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After years of consideration and conversations with many contractors. We have decided to make available the following files to contractors that want these files without the benefit of attending our Contractors Guide for Success – Project Management class.

Action log

An action log used properly can help reduce the chaos in your life, work on the items that will affect your firm the most. This is a Microsoft Excel 2003–2010 template with instructions.

Bonus Plan Concept

Many contractors pay a bonus, bonuses are above and beyond what you have committed to pay. If you are considering a bonus to improve employee motivation, congratulations this is often a very good way to increase morale within your firm. We suggest a program that can not only increase morale but also increase productivity. Our concept is to base bonuses on a set of criteria that everyone included in the plan is judged. The individual’s bonuses are then based on how they stack up based on those criteria. Post the criteria so everyone knows what they are and post the bonus percentages so that everyone knows what everyone else’s percentage is. When a journeyman’s percentage is higher than a supervisor, that supervisor should wonder why. I will never discuss why someone else is making more than you. I will discuss how an individual can increase their percentage.

Any plan that involves employees and their compensation should be verifyed by your accountant or other legal representation.

3 week rolling schedule template

A tool that few contractors utilize, this tool makes your life easier, your supervisors and even your electricians more efficient and fun. How valuable would it be for you to avoid those last minute calls for information, materials, tools or even additional labor for the following day?

Bid Log Template

This bid log will help keep your open bids and the value of outstanding proposals apparent to your firm. This is a Microsoft Excel 2003 template with instructions. By using this each prospective job is placed on this log and a job number is assigned at that time. Link your proposal to it and have instant access to your proposal should a general contractor or owner want to talk about a recent proposal. Link you’re Correspondence, Purchase Orders, Submittals and RFI's and you will have the same instant access to this information. This is a handy tool to have, one that will save you significant time.  The three files that I consider the most important are the Action Log, the Bid Log or the Pay Matrix.

Change order request template

A simple consistent change order proposal that is intended to be accurate, professional and quick while protecting a contractors interests.

Pay Matrix

Understanding your Labor Burden and Overhead costs are nearly as important as having an accurate takeoff. This Microsoft Excel 2003–2010 spreadsheet will help you understand those costs. It is not indented to replace your accountant, but handy to show your accountant your information in an organized format.

Purchase Order templates

A regret that I have when I contracted was that I did not issue Purchase Orders for my materials or services from vendors. We have prepared several templates one for day to day materials and sevices, one for quoted commodity materials, and one for quoted materials and sevices. This is an excel spreadsheet that has significant tools built in that are adjustable for you indivual firms needs. In hind sight I would not purchase any materials without a purchase order, these will be easier when you also use the 3 week rolling schedule.

Pre-bid Evaluation

Many contractors evaluate a project mentally when an opportunity becomes available. The evaluation is intended to be completed and then inserted into the bid file. Begin to build historical information on what projects are best suited for your firm and which is a waste of time. In the middle of a project when you wonder why you ever got involved with this job, you can look back to this and alter the evaluation so that in similar future situations you can evaluate prospective projects more accurately. This is a Microsoft Excel 2003–2010 template with instructions.

This has sixteen questions that have been important to my projects. Each question has four possible answers, extremely desirable, desirable, undesirable and extremely undesirable. Answer each question add up the sixteen answers and you can see what your odds of success are for this project.

Take off sheets

These takeoff sheets are set up to help with either manual estimating or while using computer estimating software. Nine different sheets that include, Fixtures, fixtures spreadsheet, Switchgear, Feeders, Branch conduit (or cable), Branch spreadsheet, Devices, Motor Hookup, and Miscellaneous sheets are included in Microsoft 2003–2010 Word or Excel format so you can customize them for your needs.

Residential worksheet

This Microsoft Excel 2003–2010 spreadsheet is designed to reduce paperwork in the office while giving your field a list of devices in every room that is scheduled to be completed.  The beauty is that you have one worksheet to fill out and it will generate three worksheets, one for rough, one for trim, and one for quality control.  Reduce the number of warranty trips you make to a completed project.  Each row (or room) has a spot for an initial so that the employee that completed the work can sign off that the work is complete.   A spot for problems is also available to let the office know of problems in that room.  A helpful tool to avoid those expensive return trips.  This is set up for residential projects, but works well in tenant finishes as well.

RFI Template

This Microsoft Word 2003–2010 file is designed to reduce the number of verbal commitments, when a question arises I generally call my contractor to get an answer to the question, while I am on the phone I am typing out an RFI to either ask the question in writing or to confirm the answer that was given to me verbally.

Scope Letter Template

This Microsoft Word 2003–2010 file is designed to make your scope letters a little easier to complete while protecting your firms interest. This template has been used successfully for a number of years but does protect your interest. It is strongly suggested that you spend time reviewing this and have your legal consel review it to make sure it in fact protects you in your state.

Time Sheet Template

This Microsoft Excel 2003–2010 file is designed to have a time sheet that will track you man hours by the tasks that the hours were expended. It is extremely difficult to know what labor units worked and which did not if labor is not tracked. A separate area is included where an employee indicates whether or not they have been injured during the work week, this will not protect you if an injury shows up later - it will however protect you from failing to report a injury in a timely manner.

Labor Tracking Template

This Microsoft Excel 2003–2010 file is designed to allow a project manager to periodically complete a cost to complete job walk to determine what percentage of a project is completed. To accomplish this task two steps must be completed before the project is started. First an estimate must have breakouts in their bids. Second field labor must be tracked by similar breakouts as the estimator used in their bid. This tool allows a firm to see early what portions of a project are doing well, and which portions are not. If these cost to complete job walks are completed regularly a firm has a chance to correct items that are headed in the wrong direction.

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