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Electrical Contractors Consulting

JDE & Associates consulting services are conducted on an as needed basis. Often electrical contractors realize a benefit by having an experienced electrical professional review their and office practices. We may see areas that benefit both your field and office procedures.

We find that a short visit to review field and office techniques often makes a huge difference in contractor’s efforts. When requested a cost is prepared for these visits based on your needs, we always provide a cost analyst so that a contractor will understand what type of improvement may be expected. This analyst is based on several factors, cost, number of employees and past results resulting from these types of visits. If the return on investment takes longer than three months, it probably is not worth the investment. A recent study had a probable payback in less than two weeks.

Items that we routinely review include the following,

  1. Business plan
  2. Estimating - Pre-bid evaluation - Estimating procedures - Bid Review - Cap sheet (summary of bid)
  3. Labor burden and overhead calculator
  4. Proposals
  5. Negotiations
  6. Contracts
  7. Purchase Orders
  8. Submittals
  9. Scheduling
  10. Job start-up meetings
  11. Productivity both in the field and office
  12. Material delivery
  13. Change order estimating and change order proposals
  14. Job closeout
  15. Warranty letters

We have had many requests for a short online consultation from various contractors. Often we can address several issues in a two hour webinar. Now contractors can request one of these two hours consultations at a reduced hourly rate so that they can see the results of our work at a cost less than an onsite visit. Each contractor can take advantage of two of these two hour webinar consultations. Our normal consulting rate is $225.00 per hour, for these initial two hour webinar consultations, we charge $125.00 per hour, with a two hour minimum.

We need to be provided with a description of the issues you want to discuss, we suggest that you provide three or four items, we feel comfortable with estimating, project management or field questions and often can answer a few of your questions in the allotted two hours. When providing your questions, please provide your most pressing issue first, as we will work from your list during our conversation. During our conversation, we can change topics quickly, if you need us to, providing us your initial list allows us to have given some thought allowing us to be prepared for your webinar.

Register today for our Two hour Webinar Consulting Service.

Occasionally we find minor tweaks are all that are needed to remove some of the CHAOS that many contractors take for granted. While visiting a residential electrical contractor's office a few years ago, the contractor had schedule three hours with us to help a problem in the first hour we were interrupted over thirty time with problems that had been caused because tasks that needed to be completed, had not, creating emergencies. During these interruptions, we saw some worksheets the owner completed manually for each home to avoid missing items during an installation. Each home had three sheets, a rough in, a trim and a quality control sheet. This contractor made two of each worksheet for each residence, which means six large worksheets for each home.

Asked why he did not build a computer spreadsheet to save time? His reply was he did not have time to make the computer spreadsheet. We asked if we could have one of the spare sets from a completed residence to play with it. We reviewed his worksheets and started an excel spreadsheet to mimic his work. The original excel spreadsheet, including the review took forty minutes to complete. We designed a spreadsheet where we could enter the items once and three forms were developed. They included a rough, trim and quality control sheet, on the worksheet we had a cell indicating dacora or standard devices and another cell to state what color trim was to be. In the completion of this one tool, we accomplished the following for this contractor.

  1. Eliminated making multiple forms for the same project.
  2. Reduced mistakes caused by transferring one number from one form to another form.
  3. Help stop installing the wrong trim.
  4. Reduced wiring mistakes by having the person that completed the work initial the worksheet causing ownership in the work by that person.

Regardless if it is a two hour webinar or an onsite consultation, our action is based on each contractor’s needs; we work on those items most important to you. Upon our review, other items may surface that we feel may benefit those items that caused the consulting in the first place. We will bring those items to your attention, at which time you decide whether to proceed with the new items or leave them alone. Our only aim is to please you with positive results.

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