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Contractors Guide for Success – Project Management Class Syllabus

Both versions of this class cover the same information, onsite, or webinar. Classes are basic by design; many different software programs are available to assist you in managing your projects. Most of them are outstanding however, no project management software is used in our class; we utilize Microsoft Word and Excel files. We stress the need understand the importance of knowing how to complete these tasks manually. This information will complement most project management software – we will strive to make it better because your understanding will be better – attending this class may clarify what to look for in software. In this class, we stress the importance of being proactive, rather than reactive in our business. A small amount of planning will eliminate an amazing amount of headache in reactive time.

The differences between the classes are the on–site classes will be completed at various locations around the country in two, two hour on site classes. The webinar version is completed in six, hour and a half webinars, one class per week, at your computer in one on one instruction between you and the instructor.

WE ENCOURAGE QUESTIONS - ASK AS MANY AS YOU WOULD LIKE, DO NOT BE SHY. THE QUESTIONS YOU ASK WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY HELP OTHERS WHO WHERE TO SHY TO ASK. All classes will cover the following materials; the home study class may deviate, based on a studentís needs.

  • Introductions to start the day
    • We manage resources
  • Your plan
    • Business plan, is it for work? Home?
  • Documentation
    • Bid evaluation
    • Bid review
    • Cap sheet review
    • Proposal
      • Being specific is the key
      • Have terms that are fair to both the Owner - General Contractor and you.
    • Request for information
    • Contracts
    • Correspondence
    • Purchase orders
    • Submittals
  • Change Orders
    • Pricing
    • Change order requests, tie these into the original Proposal
  • Logs
    • Bid log
    • Submittal log
    • P.O. log
    • Correspondence log
    • Daily report log
  • Organization of your time
  • Budgeting a project
    • Material
    • Labor
  • Construction schedules
  • Field Labor
    • Ongoing training
    • Pre job start up meeting
    • Quality worker
    • Productivity
    • Jobsite report
  • Progress billings
  • Change orders
  • Claims
  • Warranty Letter / Work

The text that is included will be referenced while in class but will not be read or even have all sections completely reviewed. The text has a dual purpose; it prepares our student for our time in class, and is a reference guide for our students when their class is complete.

We cover a vast amount of material; No homework will be assigned as each student will see different opportunities to increase profit, reduce stress, and retain as much profit as possible. To get all that can be achieved from this class, you may ask as many generic, non-job specific questions as you want. Students are able to extent these questions via e-mail/RFI are for up to a month after the class is completed.

At JDE & Associates, our goal is to help contractors succeed!

Interested, but not sure, if one of our classes is right for you or your firm? We offer one free one hour webinar per contractor to show what we have to offer, more importantly how we teach. This is not your normal sales call; this hour will be spent helping you with areas that are an issue for you and your firm. We sell classes, everyone knows, so instead of your typical sales presentation this time will be spent dealing with your issues or concerns. This offer is a one-time offer per contractor. Use our Contact Us Page – just to the left or on the top of this web page, tell us what those concerns are, give us a few days and times when you can spare an hour. We will send you a confirmation on which day and time we can complete your webinar.

Contractors Guide for Success – Project Management

Our Contractors Guide for Success – Project Management class is $1,640.00.

This is for contractors in the United States.
Contractors outside of the United States, contact us for rates.

Please contact us for available class times available before registering, we would like to avoid any delays for you.

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Our pledge to you is to give you the very best instruction we can, based on our experience. We will answer your questions to the best of our ability.

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