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Our Course Selection
Currently our company offers three courses, they are:

Contractors Guide for Success – Project Management,
Fundamental Electrical Estimating,
Supervisor Training

All our classes are manual, regardless if a contractor is completing an estimate, managing a project, or supervising a project every contractor should understand the basics concepts of their task. We offer a number of checks and balances to help assist our contractors. We have a tremendous amount of material for each of our three classes. Should you have additional questions please use our Contact Us Page and send us your questions, we will typically respond within twenty–four hours or less.

At JDE & Associates, our goal is to help contractors succeed. This is accomplished in several methods –first, multiple training options are available to contractors, second is our consulting services. Consulting is such a broad word, we can help in many areas, but not all, if you have a problem that we cannot help with we probably know who can, and will share that contact with you.

Starting over seventeen years ago, our efforts have revolved around contractor’s needs, based on our experience in this industry. Our aim is to increase efficiency in a contractor's office; these increases start with better estimating methods and techniques, followed closely with project management techniques that save both time and money. Finally, what good are solid estimating and project management techniques if your field efforts fail? These conditions lead us towards our newest course, Supervisor Training.

Our original intent was to target smaller contractors, those contractors that did not have these policies and techniques in place. Little did we know that a good number of larger contractors are missing some of these basic techniques themselves, today we enjoy a mix of small, medium, and large contractors as clients.

Our classes are set up to help provide many of these policies and practices. Will everything work in our classes be right for you and your firm, probably not, but they will give you solid platform to develop your own.

Our supervisor’s webinar course is a powerful method of learning how to be a more effective supervisor. Once a client has registered and paid their tuition our text, including Microsoft 2003–2010 Word and Excel files (on CD) are mailed to the students. We will have four – two hour long webinar sessions over a four week. This class is scheduled to meet both out students and trainers schedule, we will mail your class material after receiving your enrollment and tuition. A telephone call will be made after we know you have received the class materials to arrange the best weekly day / time for our four weekly webinar / telephone calls. A handicap to a webinar class is the lack of participation from other contractor’s opinions that are shared in our class room setting.   Our supervisors webinar course consists of four specific presentations given via our webinar service. Because this class is a one on one class we can and will deviate from our prepared text if a student has particular needs. We suggest that the class stays on track as we have thirty–one items to cover and our time is limited. Some items will be of particular interest while others may not be of particular interest to you, this is why we will deviate – if requested – in our one on one class. We always allow for questions during our class that result from our students review of our text or files on the supplied CD.  This class allows for questions between class via email correspondence, we extend that time for up to a month after your six class sessions are complete.

This option is not for everyone, but it has many advantages, you do not need wait for a scheduled course in your area. It also allows you the time to read, review and digest this material on a four week schedule, allowing you time to think about the items in class. We suggest that you make this a high priority to avoid the problem of "I’ll do it tomorrow", procrastination may cost you – increased stress and reduced profits. We are ready to start within days of your decision to take the class.

Enrollment requires each student to have a wired high speed internet connection; head sets and microphone for your telephone are recommended. Adobe Flash will need to be installed on your computer, this can be completed free. Adobe Flash is a free download and must be completed before class starts instructions will be emailed to you.

At JDE & Associates, our goal is to help contractors succeed.

Interested, but not sure if one of our classes is right for you or your firm? We offer one free one hour webinar per contractor to show what we have to offer, more importantly how we teach. This is not your normal sales call, this hour will be spent helping you with areas that are an issue for you and your firm. We sell classes, everyone knows, so instead of your typical sales presentation this time will be spent dealing with your issues or concerns. This offer is a one time offer per contractor. Use our Contact Us Page – just to the left or on the top of this web page, tell us what those concerns are, give us a few days and times when you can spare an hour. We will send you a confirmation on which day and time we can complete your webinar.

Our mission statement is that "We get to help people succeed!", we believe this statement. Our classes are designed to help with consistent and quick processes. Whether the topic is estimating, project management, or supervisor training, we fall back on the basics to help contractors reduce stress, increase accuracy, and profits.

Contractors would you like to increase your proactive time, while reducing reactive time that drains resources. Contracting is a reactive business, a client’s telephone call needing immediate help for a problem will create reactive time, and this is good reactive time. Contractors get paid for this type of reactive time. If your reactive time is caused because something was missed, creating an emergency, we have techniques that often help avoid this type of negative reactive time. All too often contractors dig themselves a hole, because items that needed to be completed and had not, becomes emergencies that cost resources. These resources need to be used positively; we can help reduce these issues.

At JDE & Associates our goal is to help contractors succeed!

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