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Supervisor Training

At JDE & Associates, our goal is to help contractors succeed. This is accomplished in several methods – first, multiple training options are available to contractors. A second option is our consulting service, if you have a project in trouble, we may be able to help. A superior consulting option is to have us review your operations both in the field and office to offer suggestions to improve your firmís efficiencies; we know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Starting over thirteen years ago, our efforts have revolved around contractorís needs, based on our experience and many contractorís needs. Our aim is to increase efficiencies on contractor's projects – these increases start off with a better understanding of estimating and project management techniques that save both time and money. Our original intent was to target smaller contractors, those contractors that did not have these policies and techniques in place. Little did we know that a good number of larger contractors were missing some of these basic techniques themselves, today we enjoy a mix of small, medium and large contractors as clients.

Our newest online course, Supervisor Training is a quick four week class allowing your Field Supervisor to be the center of the instructorís attention as it is only the instructor and your supervisor in the class. We will go over topics to help your Supervisor increase their efficiencies and reduce reactive time in the field, this reactive time is the most expensive as it creates expensive problems that reduces profits. We have been told that this class should be required for every supervisor in the field. While this is nice to hear, we believe this course should be attended by every field employee, perhaps in a group setting to start setting up our future supervisors and making our field electricians and apprentices more effective. Contractor we often spend the least amount of time training our field supervisors why we need certain items to help them succeed. Intended to help our field supervisors understand the need, while we are at it, we provide techniques that will reduce their stress, the offices stress while maintaining, hopefully increasing profits. As contractors we ultimately live by the efforts that our field provides through their labor. Increase their chance of success by showing them their importance to their firm. We see an overwhelming increase in enthusiasm from our students and know that this course should be required of all employees, both field and office, as an overall tool of success.

Our group webinar cover the same basic materials, two main differences are the manner that the classes are given and the individual attention that are available with the one–on–one class that is not available in our group classes. In our home study class with its one–on–one instructions, we can adjust, based on an individual studentís ability based on the studentsí previous experience, knowledge. Regardless if you're a seasoned professional or a beginner field supervisor, your efficiency will increase, with this increased efficiency your success will also increase.

Interested, but not sure these classes are for you? We offer a free 1 hour webinar to show you what we have to offer. This is not your typical sales call, this hour will be spent helping you with areas that are an issue for you and your firm. Everyone knows we sell classes, so instead of your typical sales presentation this time will be spent dealing with your issues or concerns. This offer is for new clients or existing clients that may be interested in a different class or consulting possibility. Use our Contact Us Page – just to the left or on the top of this web page, tell us what your concerns are, and give us a few days and times when you can spare an hour. We will send you a confirmation on which day and time we can complete your free webinar.

Having your field understand why it is important to complete certain tasks is critical, we have sixteen years experience teaching and well over forty years of actual field experience or running our field efforts. We still have four months to make an impact on your business. Contact us; we can discuss what may work best for your company.

Our Supervisors class tuition is $746.00,a savings of $249.00 from 2015 pricing.

Not sure if this class will benefit your firmís profits. Contact us and we will schedule a free one hour telephone / webinar to show you some of our material. This offer is a one time, per contractor offer, no files or templates will be provided.

Our mission statement is that "we get to help people succeed!". Our classes are designed to help with consistent and quick processes. Whether the topic is estimating or project management we fall back on the basics to help contractors reduce stress, increased accuracy and profits.

Contractors would you like to increase your proactive time, while reducing reactive time that drains resources? Contracting is a reactive business, a clientís telephone call needing immediate help for a problem will create reactive time, and this is good reactive time. Contractors get paid for this type of reactive time. If your reactive time is caused because something was missed, creating an emergency, we have techniques that often help avoid this type of reactive time. All too often contractors dig themselves into a hole, because items that needed to be completed were not finished, becomes emergencies that cost resources. These resources need to be used positively – we can help reduce this issue.

This course is available as an individual class for electrical contractors or in classes in various cities across the United States. Text can be purchased and mailed to your office for home study. It is important to note that in the home study version of this supervisors class, we lead into many different areas depending on the type of work that your firm completes and your clientele. It is basic in nature, and the common sense of the material is overwhelming. We believe the need for this class is great.

Designed to improve and/or develop skills that will increase profitability while reducing stress. Organization of everyone's time is critical to a contractors success. This course is the ABC's of project management. These ideas are time tested and proven to work. While running an electrical project, large or small, returning to the basics may result in stress relief while increasing profits, a Win – Win situation. Topics covered in this class;

  1. Your business
  2. Safety Concern's
  3. Productivity Enhancement – Keep your project clean
  4. Personal money, living paycheck to paycheck
  5. Be ready to get in the game
  6. Have an open mind
  7. What money are you earning, that you do not see?
  8. What does an extra 5 minute break cost?
  9. What does it cost to train me?
  10. Listen, watch and learn
  11. Professionalism on the job site
  12. Appearance and fitness
  13. Work place ethics
  14. How do I get the Best jobs?
  15. It's not my job attitude
  16. How can my attitude affect the customer?
  17. How can my attitude affect other employees?
  18. Customer service and relationships
  19. What is an estimate and why do I care?
  20. How is an estimate completed?
  21. What is included in a labor unit?
  22. What does that quick trip to the wholesale house cost?
  23. Three week rolling schedules
  24. Methods to improve productivity–have material mobile and handy
  25. Jobsite reports
  26. Time cards and why they are important, other then to get paid.
  27. Daily reports
  28. Jobsite visits

This course has several formats,

Local Supervisor Training

Our local training which is held in various cities is an opportunity to exchange views with your local contractors and to hear views and questions they may have. This is a fine opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of information in a short time. This class room training is our most common form of training as it is thorough, convenient and quick. This training is typically paced as a two day class consisting of two four hour long classes, each class is generally two weeks apart allowing time for our students to study the text and files on the supplied CD and develop questions for the following class. A minimum number of students are required to conduct this course. Visit our calendar to see when a class is scheduled around your area. If a class is not shown on our calendar, email us using our contact us page and let us know you want one scheduled.

Webinar Study Supervisor Training

Our four week webinar course is a powerful method of learning this important material. Once a client has registered and paid their tuition our text, including Microsoft 2010 Word and Excel files (on CD) are mailed to the students. We will have a total of four – hour and a half long webinar sessions over a four week period.

This class is scheduled to meet both out students and teachers schedule, we will mail your class material after receiving your enrollment and tutition. A telephone call will be made after we know you have received the class materials to arrange the best weekly time for our four weekly webinar / telephone calls. To save time these classes can be scheduled by e-mail or preferablly via a telephone call.

Typically we place our calls at our mutually agreed upon time, we will send our webinar invitation 15 to 20 minutes before placing our telephone call so our student can be logged on before our telephone call is placed.

A handicap to the home study version is the lack of participation from other contractor’s opinions that are shared in our class room setting. Because this class is a one on one class we can and will deviate from the prepared text if a student has particular needs. We suggest that the class stays on track as we have many items to cover and our time is limited. Some items will be of particular interest while others may not be of particular interest to you, this is why we will deviate - if requested - in our one on one class. We always allow for questions during our class that result from our students review of our text or files on the supplied CD.  This class allows for questions between class via email correspondence, we extend that time for up to a month after your four class sessions are complete.

This option is not for everyone, but it has many advantages, you do not need to pay for a private class, or wait for a scheduled course in your area. It also allows you the time to read, review and digest this material on a six week schedule, allowing you time to think about the items in class. We suggest that you make this a high priority to avoid the problem of "I’ll do it tomorrow", procrastination may cost you – increased stress and reduced profits. We are ready to start within days of your decision to take the class.

Enrollment requires each student to have a high speed internet connection, a telephone, we recommend having a head sets and Adobe Flash installed on your computer.
Adobe Flash is a free download and must be completed before class starts instructions will be shipped with your class materials.

At JDE & Associates our goal is to help contractors succeed.

Interested, but not sure if one of our classes is right for you or your firm? We offer one free one hour webinar to show you what we have to offer, more importantly how we teach. This is not your normal sales call, this hour will be spent helping you with areas that are an issue for you and your firm. We sell classes, everyone knows, so instead of your typical sales presentation this time will be spent dealing with your issues or concerns. This offer is a one time offer per contractor. Use our Contact Us Page – just to the left or on the top of this web page, tell us what those concerns are, give us a few days and times when you can spare an hour. We will send you a confirmation on which day and time we can complete your webinar.

In-house field supervisor training at your office

Our in-house training is intended for contractors who want specialized training for field supervisor training for their field staff, while not being in the same class as your competition. It can be tailored to meet your firm’s individual needs, be elementary or advanced depending on your firm’s project management needs. Residential, commercial or industrials, which ever suits your companies needs.

For any of our Field Supervisor Training Classe options we offer,

We extend the option to continue generic questions relating to this class for up to a month after the course is complete via e–mail.

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