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JDE & Associates specialize in Contractors Guide for Success – Project Management, Fundamental Electrical Estimating, and Supervisors information for Electrical Contractors.

We have over forty years' experience in the electrical industry. We stay current by assisting select contractors in estimating and project management on ongoing projects. This keeps are training current, which then enhances our ability to help contractors as consultants.

Our electrical estimating course is designed to train the basics techniques of a electrical estimate. Our course of study is manual – prints, specifications, takeoff sheets, quotes, explosions, extensions and proposals. Most major electrical estimating software packages are extremely accurate. We know that many times, it is the lack of training in how to complete an estimate that reduces the software’s effectiveness; this is where we enter the picture. It is not our intention for our students to complete these techniques only while estimating manually; our techniques work either while manually estimating or when using most commercially available electrical estimating software systems. What we provide is an explanation of theses principals so that completing either manual electrical estimates or an estimate utilizing a computer estimating system our students understand the result. We do not endorse any electrical estimating software, many of the full featured computer estimating systems are great, and our aim is to make them better, this is possible with most commercial electrical estimating software systems available. We have had great success with our fundamental electrical estimating class having key field electricians enrolled. These key employees become much more aware of the cost resulting from using the wrong materials and installation practices, one they are exposed to methods required to complete an electrical estimate.

Contractors Guide for Success – Project Management is a course that is suited for practically any owner or employee working for an electrical contractor. It is again basic, the nuts and bolts, we know that if these basics are followed that many of the project management problems that many electrical contractors have will not exist or be greatly reduced. Our aim is for Project Managers to become more proactive and less reactive to problems that do arise in our industry. Many of our techniques require no computer skills at all. Some techniques utilize Microsoft Word and Excel files, we provide a CD with many templates to help reduce your reactive time and increase your proactive time. We are of the belief that every employee has some project management responsibilities. To cross train employees other than our actual project managers can help you realize an overall improvement in spirit. We want our students to achieve a general understanding of your Project Management requirements and increased profit.

We know that contractors receive huge benefits when their field supervisors know about the estimate, how a time sheet is to be completed out or even when to fill them out, how to complete material requests and what information to include on them, how to complete an RFI or schedule their time at the project. This is backwards, as contractors we make our profits in the field, now the office can and should set up projects so that our field succeeds, we often fail to inform our supervisors on how we want them to run the project or what steps we may have taken in the office to help them succeed. We need to, as an industry, work harder at training these key management players, our field supervisors so that the company as a whole has better success. Did 2015 produce the results you wanted? If not, why will 2016 be any better? A little helps informing our field supervisors can make 2016 better, more profitable. Contact us; we can discuss what may work best for your company. Our Supervisors Techniques is a short four week course with one class per week to show our supervisors, and some of our soon to be supervisors ideas that will increase their effectiveness in the field. We show techniques that increase a supervisor’s effectiveness, while explaining why contractors need some of the information requested of their supervisors.

These courses are designed for Owners, Estimators, Project Managers, Purchasing Agents, Supervisors, or anyone who has an interest in reducing stress and errors while increasing profit. A very valuable contributor to these classes are often key field electricians, these classes are a quick way to show your field staff what it takes to get a project, then run it, from the management side of the position. We have had many office personnel attend this class with the intention of understanding and assisting with tasks that can relieve an estimator or project manager's work load.

Some Key Facts about JDE & Associates;

  • Since 1973, we have worked full time in this industry, as an apprentice, licensed contractor, consultant, electrician, estimator, project manager, and trainer. Prior to that, we worked as an estimator, warehouseman on a part time basis. Many of the items we teach are direct results of errors we created for ourselves. We do not teach computer estimating software systems, we do not teach computer project management systems, both can be viable software, for the estimating software, we feel the vast majority of contractors should take advantage of what this incredible software can do for your firm. Before venturing into computer software, know the principals of how to structure an estimate, know the principals of how to manage a project, this is what we train contractor to do.
  • Fundamental Electrical Estimating courses; understand how to prepare an electrical estimate manually or why electrical estimating software system work as they do. Understand why an estimate includes various parts in it. We cover twelve different aspects as they relate to most electrical estimates. It is available as an individual contractors training course, on scheduled days in various cities across the United States or as a home study class. This course is an excellent start for a new estimator as well as a good refresher course for your experienced estimators. Regain or develop confidence in your estimates, reduce stress while increasing profits.
  • Project Management course are available as an individual contractors training class, on scheduled days in various cities around the country and as a webinar study in the comfort of your office or home. A simple thought that many in our industry forget is that very few employees complete actual estimates, however every employee is in some manner a project manager, contractors employees are often in our customers view. They may not have the title, but if a customer sees that employee in a positive aspect, it generally reflects well on that contractor. We provide structure for project management techniques that can be implemented in stages. We typically cover twenty five items that may help reduce stress while increasing fun and profits. If you only utilize one of these ideas that result in increased efficiency for your firm, then the value of the course may be realized – we expect all students to get value from a lot more than one technique. Having every employee utilizing the same procedures on how to complete these management tasks will make a contractor more efficient. Items that get lost because no checks or balances are in place need to be reduced.
  • As contractors, the vast majority of our profits or losses are generated in the field. It goes without saying that accurate estimating is essential to a projects possible profitability. Projects that are awarded yet are managed haphazardly may still make a profit, but how large a profit. We know that for a project to earn the maximum amount of profit, project management efforts must be accurate, aggressive, and timely. Acknowledging these inevitable issues, our field still needs to perform in an accurate, professional, profitable, and timely manner to achieve the highest levels of profitability.
  • We provide consulting services to help start, manage, and close out projects in a profitable manner. This service is also available to contractors to help identify and redirect efforts on current projects that may not be running well. Also available are consulting services to avoid repeated mistakes project after project. Are you tired of having the same problem repeated, let us review your office estimating and project management procedures to help streamline your efforts? Reducing stress and increasing profits are often a result of this type of consulting. An independent view of your estimating and project management procedures may be able to adjust a procedure or two that may be creating problems in your office.
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